Your resume, your job search - the stakes are high!

  • You have 7 seconds to get the hiring manager’s attention.
  • 80% of jobs are NOT posted online.
  • 85% of jobs are sourced by networking.

We’ll help you build a nextgeneration resume; built for career networking.

Three steps to a smarter job search


Resume Upgrade

Get a NEXT GENERATION resume built for career networking.


Profile Optimization

Generate a LinkedIn profile designed to optimize your job search.


Eyes On Profile Video Interview

A professionally produced video linked to your resume and profile page.



Get Hired - the guide to mastering the interview process and getting the job.

You deserve a smarter job search

At Job Search Innovations, we know that going through career transition is not easy. You need to stand out and separate yourself from the competition.

In a competitive job market, conventional job search methods and a standard resume are not effective. This makes you feel frustrated, and concerned about how long it will take to find a new position.

Landing your next position should not be so difficult!

As employment professionals, we understand job search frustration, which is why we created Job Search Innovations.

Here's how we do it:

  • Step 1 - Buy Job Search Innovations - Our resume experts will edit and format your resume and profile page and build it for career networking, not online job postings.
  • Step 2 - Work with our team - We’ll send you a Q&A doc designed to help you script your presentation. Our interview coach will contact you, review your script, and schedule a one-on-one Eyes On Profile video interview.
  • Step 3 - Get hired fast - When you land an interview, use the “Get-Hired” guide to navigate each stage of the interview process and get the job.
  • Geoff L.
    I wish I completed my Eyes On Video Profile video interview sooner! I’ve had multiple compliments from a number of different hiring managers and recruiters.
    Geoff L.
    Detroit, MI
  • Jim S.
    Job Search Innovations is a must if you are seeking new career opportunities. The whole experience exceeded my expectations and the Eyes On Profile video interview separated me from the crowd!
    Jim S.
    Rye, NY
  • Matt B.
    This is a great service and very simple. My resume now has a fresh and updated look!
    Matt B.
    Pittsburg, PA
  • Chris W.
    As a successful Senior VP, it is my opinion that Eyes on Profile is the best service to ensure success in the job-seeking process.
    Chris W.
    Tampa, FL
  • Mark M.
    The Eyes on Profile is like the electric motor in a Tesla – it accelerates your job search immediately!
    Mark M.
    San Francisco, CA
  • Dan R.
    The Job Search Innovations Eyes On Profile video landed me the interview which lead to an offer.
    Dan R.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

Recreate your resume for a smarter job search


EYES ON PROFILE Professional Video Interview

A groundbreaking video introduction linked on both the resume and profile page for a powerful first impression.
1. A professional Eyes On Profile video interview embedded directly on the resume and profile page.

2. Applicants introduce themselves to hiring managers before the first interview. Click to play.
3. Attached to LinkedIn profile page.

A Next-Generation Resume

We provide live resume writing; structuring and building the two for career networking - NOT online job boards.
  • Live resume writing - professionally written, collaboratively created, optimized and properly formatted resume for career networking.
  • LinkedIn optimization - step-by-step coaching process focusing on personal branding of your profile page.
  • Job seekers use the power of story to help hiring managers understand their accomplishments and want to know more.
  • Empowers job seekers to stand out, get the interview, and land the job.
“A game changer when preparing for and going through the interview process.” - Mike T- Jacksonville, FL

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

We brand your LinkedIn profile so you can stand out.
  • Live LinkedIn profile optimization - written in parallel to your resume we craft your LinkedIn profile page to capture your brand.
  • Professionally crafted and collaboratively created we enhance your profile page to get the hiring managers attention.
  • Take confidence in knowing your profile page is designed using the key words and information managers are searching for.
“The Job Search Innovations process made a big difference for me as I prepared to tackle the challenge of finding a new job.” - Andrew S – West Kingston, RI

There's MORE

When you land the interview, there is a lot at stake. Leave nothing to chance. BUY TODAY and download “Get Hired” - the guide to mastering the interview process and getting the job.

Interviewing tactics and strategies

Each step of the interview process requires a specific set of actions. The “Get Hired” guide will show you how to execute each step so you can interview with poise and confidence.

“Get Hired” - the guide to mastering the interview process and getting the job.

  • Vern B.
    The Get Hired guide is a must for anyone who is looking for a job.
    Vern B.
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Andrew G.
    The information in each section is very useful. I feel as if I had my own personal interview coach.
    Andrew G.
    Milwaukee, WI
  • Gary L.
    I cannot overstate how important this information was during my last series of interviews.
    Gary L.
    Philadelphia, PA

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End the frustration of having to apply to online job postings in order to find your next position. Download our FREE guide "7 Characteristics of High-Value Job Candidates.” Feel confident as you begin career networking with modern, innovative tools. Conduct a smarter job search and get hired fast!

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