About our company

If you're like most managers and human resource executives, you dread having to let someone go. Employee termination is the worst part of your job. You have concern for your employees, and you know how tough the job market can be. It shouldn't be such a struggle to navigate job transition.

We understand employers, employees, and job transition

You care. You want to be supportive of your outgoing employees while they look for new employment and try to avoid financial disruption. It’s a challenging time for them. You also want to protect your employer brand. As job search experts for more than 20 years, we have helped hundreds of employers assist their executives in navigating career transitions successfully.


Inspired by job seekers to develop a better job search process

At Job Search Innovations, we recognize that outplacement services haven’t changed much in decades. Their approach is outdated and irrelevant to those facing today’s competitive job market. Many employers worry that current outplacement programs leave employees unequipped for job search success.

We believe displaced employees deserve modern-day job search support that gives them a competitive advantage. That’s why we re-invented the job search process. It’s a turnkey action plan for more immediate success. We combine technology and leading-edge job search techniques that are proven to help people get hired fast.

We are committed to helping you support your employees in essential ways so you can stop worrying about leaving your people without the help they need. You shouldn’t be wondering if your outplacement program is working for the people you care about.

A family approach to innovation

We’re a family that enjoys working together. Though our individual areas of expertise are unique, we share the entrepreneur’s creative business mindset. Brian A. Kirk Jr. is the Managing Partner of Job Search Innovations. Brian’s 20 years of experience guiding people through successful job transitions provides the foundation for Job Search Innovations. Meghan and her team of career directors have decades of performing arts and coaching experience. As an Emmy Award winning editor, Christian’s video production and editing mastery ensures a powerful first impression. With over ten years of professional editing and branding experience, Nick Perelli leads the resume branding and design team. Combined, we offer seasoned managers and executives a competitive advantage proven to help them get hired fast. It’s a new paradigm in the job search process.