Eyes On Profile


Creating an EYES ON PROFILE is simple

Three easy steps to bring out each job seeker’s best.

Scripting an Eyes On Profile Presentation

  • We provide a question & answer document designed to help job seekers script their presentation.
  • The Q&A document breaks the interview into three parts. The introduction (pique curiosity), the body (enlighten those viewing) and conclusion (personal engagement).
  • The script is lightly memorized. Interview coaches work one on one to bring out the job seekers best.

Preparation is Key

Scripting the presentation is a self-reflection process. Eyes On Profile fills in the narrative void of a traditional resume, displaying and capturing the job seekers personality and value proposition. The production process leaves the job seeker with a professional video interview and a coaching session for upcoming interviews.

Editing & Implementation

Unlike other outplacement services we give job seekers tangible tools to source your next position.

Get ready to go

  • Our professional editors cut each presentation, making it seamless and impactful.
  • Designers imbed the Eyes On Profile video interview onto the job seekers resume.
  • Job seekers receive an MP4 file of their presentation. An instructional video shows them how to post their presentation onto their LinkedIn profile page.


Our editing team has been trained by Emmy award winning Hollywood professionals. With years of experience and knowhow - each Eyes On Profile is cut to be seamless and impactful.