Frequently Asked Questions

1Can anyone see my Eyes On Profile presentation?
Your presentation is available to the public, but we only use your first name and the first initial of your last name to identify you. The only way someone would associate you with the presentation is by clicking on the Eyes On Profile link on your resume or profile page.
2Where is my video housed?
Your presentation is kept in the Job Search Innovations Vimeo Pro account.
3How long does the Eyes On Profile video interview shoot take?
We reserve roughly three hours for each Eyes On Profile video interview shoot.
4Once completed, how long is the Eyes On Profile video interview?
Each finished presentation is roughly three minutes in length.
5Do I keep the lighting rig?
Yes! The lighting rig you were sent will be used during the Eyes On Profile video interview shoot and it’s yours to keep for your future video conference interviews.
6How do I prepare for my Eyes On Profile?
You will receive a question–and-answer document that will help you script your presentation. You will also be presented with two short instructional videos. The first video will help guide you through the scripting process. The second will show you how to “set up” for the shoot.
7Should I memorize my answers / script?
You should have your script lightly memorized. We do not want you to sound like a robot regurgitating memorized material. We want YOU to tell your story. Know the story you want to tell and we’ll help bring it to life. When you script your answers, do so in a bullet point format. Your bullet points can serve as a “cheat sheet.”
8How do I prepare for the shoot?
You DO NOT want to show up and “wing it.” You can’t be too prepared. Know what you want to say and have your script lightly memorized.
9How do I attach my Eyes On Profile video to my resume?
You will need to send in a final copy of your resume. Our designers will embed the presentation onto your resume and send you a final copy in a PDF format. If you need to make additional changes to your resume, there will be a surcharge of $25 to have the presentation re-embedded.
10How do I attach my Eyes On Profile video interview to my LinkedIn page?
Once your presentation is complete, we will provide you with a short instructional video showing you how to post your presentation onto your LinkedIn account.
11What should I wear for my Eyes On Profile video interview?
Dress professionally. Dress as you would for an interview.
12Can I reach out to my director/coach with questions while I am preparing?
Yes, we are always here to help and guide you.
13Who will my director/coach be?
We have a team of professional actors and media coaches who will guide you through the whole process.