FrontLine Preview

The First Interview

Proven tips for a successful first interview:
  • Learn the four things you must accomplish.
  • Learn the three themes you must address.
  • Create talking points.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Develop an answer to the question that eliminates most job candidates.
  • Deliver the Mike Tyson knockout punch and land the second interview.
  • Gary L.
    I cannot overstate how important this information was during my last series of interviews.  I thought I had a good handle on interviewing, but this brought me to a new level.  After each series, I knew exactly what I needed to do before moving on to the next step.
    Gary L.
    Philadelphia, PA

The Post-interview Thank You Note

Showing appreciation keeps you in the running for a desired position:
  • Learn the five goals to accomplish in your Thank You note.
  • Learn the right message to send in your Thank You note that will lead to a second interview.
  • Learn the perfect approach to the Thank You note, making your intentions clear and asking for the order.
  • John O.
    Such insightful words to prepare for the  interview. The Frontline Master Class series gives the tools to prepare for the call, understand/empathize with the hiring agent while setting a path for a second meeting.  This provides a clear avenue to success if you're the candidate.
    John O.
    Hartford, CT

Body Language

Your body language determines if you get the job:
  • Learn the physical warm-up moves to execute prior to each interview.
  • Discover the 70-38-55 rule.
  • Understand how to display power dominance.
  • Learn the body language tactic you can engage to land the ideal job that made one man a multi-millionaire.
  • Andrew H.
    The information in each section is very useful. I feel as if I had my own personal interview coach. So many important tips, and real world examples to help the reader relate and get the job.
    Andrew H.
    Milwaukee, WI

The Perfectly Executed Interview

Interview format essentials to help you get the job:
  • Be the “problem solver” candidate.
  • Take control of the interview.
  • Pique the curiosity of the hiring manager.
  • Enlighten the hiring manager about why you are the perfect candidate for the job.
  • Leave intimidation at the door.
  • Willie W.
    Frontline Master Class interviewing contains pertinent information relevant in today's labor market!  The content was helpful in all phases - from first interview to final interview. It's entirely informative!
    Willie W.
    New York, NY

Conduct a SWOT Analysis During the Interview

Assess the job opportunity using SWOT.
  • Use SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to interact with the hiring manager.
  • Provide your input while getting insight from the hiring manager.
  • Vern B.
    Frontline Master Class interviewing is a must for anyone who is looking for a job (or for that matter even if you aren't looking).  Very well done, practical, straight forward advice.  A great resource.
    Vern B.
    Philadelphia, PA

The Second Interview

The first thing to say when you meet the hiring manager! Master the second interview.
  • Prepare for the “situation/behavior outcome” model.
  • Dispel the top interview myth.
  • Build empathy with the interviewer.
  • Navigate the work history review with finesse.
  • Separate yourself from the competition.
  • Turn the hiring manager into your advocate.
  • Engage the key second interview tactic that will get you the job.
  • Use post-interview connectivity to ensure you get hired.
  • Mike T.
    Frontline mastery-level interview training is a game changer when preparing for and going through the interview process. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new opportunity, as it can be the difference in obtaining that dream career you are looking for.
    Mike T.
    Jacksonville, FL

Using References the Right Way

References as strategic tactics to get the job.
  • Use references throughout the interview process to make an impact.
  • Use references to stay top of mind.
  • Use the right references to give you the competitive edge and get hired.
  • Jason V.
    Having reviewed the Frontline mastery-level interview series multiple times, each section provides a clear understanding of what a candidate should strive to achieve throughout every step of the interview process.  Professionally done, succinctly outlined, and easy to access on the go, the instructions have been a proven resource during my most recent job search.
    Jason V.
    Newark, NJ

The Final Interview

Four things you must accomplish before taking the job:
  • Get the latest information on today’s background checks.
  • Pass the personality test.
  • Conduct due diligence and a background check on the firm you are pursuing.
  • Complete one critical task that could make or break your career.
  • Ron D.
    Frontline mastery-level interview series was very informative and helpful in preparing for the interview process.  It covers all aspects of the interview process, and helps the interviewee go into an interview with great confidence and readiness.
    Ron D.
    Brooklyn, NY

Negotiating Compensation

They selected you—now get the best compensation possible.
  • Know your legal rights about revealing your prior compensation.
  • Learn why the firm needs to make the first move.
  • Build a case to get the pay package you deserve.
  • Generate realistic expectations.
  • Uncover the biggest mistake people make in compensation negotiation.
  • Keith P.
    Frontline and Eyes on Profile are integral for anyone going through a career transition. The information gives great insights into the interview process and getting to the final interview. I felt prepared and ready for my interviews and networking, throughout each step of the process because of them.
    Keith P.
    Long Island, NY