PowerLink Preview

Posting your Eyes On Profile Video Interview on LinkedIn

Add your Eyes On Profile video interview to your profile page, showcase your value proposition, and move ahead of the competition.

Email Campaign Networking

Employees referrals are the #1 source of new hires. Use the email campaign networking strategy and source your referral to land your next position.

Mass Networking

Active career networking improves your chances of being interviewed and hired by 5-10X. Activate your job search with the Mass Networking technique.

Go Around the Job Posting

The average online job posting receives 250 resumes - applicants have a less than 2% chance of getting the job. Stop applying and go around the job posting!

Colleague Networking

Employee referrals remain the top source of new hires. Your colleagues are the key to your next career move. Implement the colleague networking strategy.

Competition Networking

Turn your competition into a referral source . Learn how to access this network and recruit advocates to advance your search.

Leveraging One Interview to Get Another

Put the law of attraction on your side. When one company takes an interest in you, get others to follow. Learn the art of leveraging one interview off another.

Recruiter Networking

One of your best referral sources is your competition - recruit them to be your advocate.